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Risk Management

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Mission Statement

The Legal Department manages the Risk Management budget.  Staff works to reduce risk exposure to the City and to resolve claims against the City in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The Department also procures liability insurance and maintains coverage for city vehicles, buildings and other assets.

Department Description

The City Attorney oversees risk management within the City of Sandpoint.  The Prosecuting Attorney serves as the City’s Risk Manager and is assisted by one of the part-time legal assistants.

The City’s insurer is the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program (ICRMP). This program is only for governmental entities in the State of Idaho; it is very specialized and is a non-profit organization.

To receive more information in regards to filing a Property Damage Claim, please contact the City Clerk.

Filing a Notice of Tort Claim for Damage or Injury

Major Objectives and Goals

  • Save taxpayer money by minimizing claims and dealing with the claims against the City in an efficient manner.
  • Respond promptly to claims, and work toward expeditious and fair resolutions of valid claims.